Ginseng ve erektil disfonksiyon ve infertilite

Ginseng ve erektil disfonksiyon ve infertilite

Ginseng  yaklaşık 5000 yıldır çin tıbbında kullanılan şifalı bir bitkidir . yapılan son çalışmalarda   bunu desteklemektedir.

[Treatment with carnitine, acetyl carnitine, L-arginine and ginseng improves sperm motility and sexual health in men with asthenopermia].

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Morgante G1, Scolaro VTosti CDi Sabatino APiomboni PDe Leo V.

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Among the factors contributing to male infertility, asthenospermia constitutes both a health and a social problem frequently associated with alterations in sexual function. Studies have shown that acetyl carnitine and L-arginine improve sperm motility and that ginseng enhances libido and sexual performance. This study examined the effect of treatment with carnitine, acetyl carnitine, L-arginine and ginseng in men with idiopathic asthenospermia and altered sexual function.


The study population was 180 patients with asthenospermia randomly assigned to two groups: group A (90 men) received treatment and group B (90 men) did not. The sperm count was 16.6 ± 3.2 x 10⁶/mL and the total sperm motility was 26.5 ± 3.4%.


Sexual satisfaction was measured using the sexual satisfaction index (SSI). At the end of therapy, a significant improvement was observed in progressive sperm motility on spermiogram evaluation and in SSI scores in the treatment group.